“Young” writers often find the 200-character or 500-character requirements of compositions overwhelming. Our Writing & Oral Programme helps to increase their confidence in essay writing and oral skills. This is accomplished by grouping them to their educational levels for better learning, expanding their vocabulary with new words from and beyond textbooks, and teaching them organising and writing skills. Reflecting our belief in “practice makes perfect”, every student has to submit a weekly composition.


  • Enrich the compositions by using carefully chosen words and phrases.

  • Learn to avoid common mistakes in sentence construction.

  • Participate in brainstorming sessions for new ideas and different writing styles.

  • Plan, organise and translate thoughts into writing.

  • Exposed to various writing forms through creative exercises like reading newspaper articles and analysing pictures.

  • Explore different types of composition, i.e. Picture Composition, Titled Composition, etc.

  • Analyse and appreciate the works of accomplished writers.

  • Practice reading to achieve fluency in mandarin.

  • Acquire skill to hold verbal dialogues with regular discussions on various topics in mandarin.

  • Learn to express one's thought verbally in mandarin with introduction & application of day-to-day vocabulary.


  • Know the important steps in writing a good composition.

  • Learn to construct good sentences and paragraphs.

  • Discover new and different approaches to essay writing.

  • Develop your child's oral skills, including reading, expression & holding of dialogues.

  • Professional teachers who understand local schools' requirements and communicate well with children.

  • Class participation encouraged through quizzes, discussions, and interaction in small group learning.

  • No mixed levels with different emphasis in syllabus.

  • Frequent evaluation of students through weekly composition or oral practices and mockexaminations.

  • End-of-term detailed teacher's report highlighting your child's strengths and areas that need improvement.
2008 PSLE Achievement