Our K1 & K2 Prep ‘n’ Fun Programmes prepare children (5 and 6 yrs old respectively) for formal Chinese education in primary schools. We assign teachers trained in early childhood education to these classes, which are kept to a small ratio of 1:10. Tailored to their learning abilities, the programmes aim to interest the children in Chinese and build a strong foundation for further development.

Content & Objective

  • Recognise, read, and write new Chinese charactersevery lesson.

  • Learn the correct usage of Chinese and construction of sentences.

  • Learn the order of writing strokes.

  • Learn Hanyu Pinyin progressively in K2.

  • Practise speaking through songs, rhymes, word games and play.

  • Participate in language activities for interaction with other children and the teacher.

  • Learn listening skills during story time and by following instructions in Mandarin.
  • Programme is designed to be fun, using our“play-based” approach.

  • Creative teaching aids are used to help children recall and retain what they have learnt.

  • Class participation is emphasised through small group learning.

  • Children are encouraged to listen attentively, converse and comprehend Mandarin with guided classroom instructions from the teacher.

  • Familiarisation with various aspects of formal education such as spelling and tests through guidance, practice and constant revision.

  • End-of-term detailed report from the teacher highlighting your child’s strengths and areas thatneed improvement.

  • End-of-term review in the form of mini-concerts, recitals and meet-the-parents sessions.
2008 PSLE Achievement