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Q & A
Q. Does THLS follow the national school syllabus?
Yes. THLS constantly develops and updates our syllabus to keep abreast of new MOE guidelines.

Children are fully prepared for all aspects of the syllabus including listening (listening comprehension), speaking (oral), reading (oral) and writing (written paper).

Q. How is THLS different from other Chinese Language Schools?
THLS has been a specialist in providing Chinese for children since 1989.

We have a clear understanding of the national syllabus and its requirements. All materials and curriculum are up-to-date and in line with the latest MOE syllabus.

To ensure the best education for our students, we have separate groups of teachers with different qualifications for pre-school and primary education.

Q. Why does THLS continue to conduct Enrichment Programmes during the school holidays?

During the June and Nov/Dec holidays, Enrichment Progammes are conducted as head start classes, in which we teach in advance the required chapters of the school syllabus.

In this way, the students will have an in-depth understanding when they re-visit their school materials. We shall also have adequate time to finish the syllabus and carry out revision in preparation for their examinations.

For 2007 P1 students, head start classes focusing on Hanyu Pinyin are available in Nov/Dec 2006. They will build on the foundation set in K2 and learn to construct sentences using Hanyu Pinyin.

Q. What is THLS doing in view of the new curriculum from MOE?

As a frontrunner in providing up-to-date programmes, THLS is proud to be the first language school to provide a separate programme based on the new MOE Modular Curriculum for P1 and P2 students in 2006.

With a full year of experience in the teaching of the new modular curriculum, we are fully equipped and prepared for its full implementation in 2007.

Q. What is the advantage of THLS over private tuition?

We believe that our maximum class size of 10 promotes social interaction and mutual motivation among children without compromising the attention received by each child.

With greater emphasis on oral communications by the MOE, group tuition also provides them with an environment where views can be discussed and exchanged.

Q. Why is THLS using Higher Chinese syllabus?

Under the Modular Curriculum, the Higher Chinese syllabus is an extension of the Core Module taken by the majority of students.

With an additional reading passage covered every chapter under Higher Chinese, students can learn and recognise more words.

Q. Will script writing and spelling remain in our programme?

As indicated by the MOE, there will still be script writing in lower primary as it helps students to appreciate the characteristics and formation of the Chinese characters.

Spelling will also remain, as students are still required to memorise Chinese characters.