Our N1 & N2 First Step Programme introduces Chinese to nursery children through play, interaction, and creative activities that that hold their attention. Teachers experienced in early childhood education are assigned to our N1 (3 yrs old) and N2 (4 yrs old) programmes. Classes are kept to a small ratio of 1:6 and 1:8 respectively to ensure attention to every child. With our ‘Chinese only’ environment, children can acquire listening and reading skills, be motivated to speak the language and build a strong foundation for further development.

Content & Objective

  • Enjoy speech training that encourages children to speak Mandarin.

  • Recognise Chinese characters and learn their usage.

  • Recite songs and rhymes with music and movement.

  • Participate in creative activities for interaction withother children and the teacher.

  • Acquire listening skills during story time and by following instructions in Mandarin.

  • Learn the basic writing strokes, which are the building blocks of Chinese characters.
  • Programme is designed to be fun, using our “play-based” approach.

  • Creative teaching aids are used to help children recall and retain what they have learnt.

  • Class participation is emphasised through small group learning.

  • Children are encouraged to listen attentively, converse and comprehend Mandarin with guided classroom instructions from the teacher.

  • End-of-term detailed report from the teacher highlighting your child’s strengths and areas that need improvement.

  • End-of-term review in the form of mini-concerts, recitals and meet-the-parents sessions.
2008 PSLE Achievement