Tailored for Secondary (Express/Higher) school students, Enrichment Programme (Secondary) offers a more rounded Chinese education and helps the students to acquire the necessary skills to master Chinese at school and attain better grades.

Content & Objective

  • Complement the MOE school syllabus.

  • Emphasise vocabulary building, word recognition and sentence construction.

  • Practise regularly on composition and comprehension,the main components of the syllabus.

  • Weekly discussion on excerpts from national newspapers or literary works as co-curricular activities.

  • Pick up examination skills through regular tests, revisions and mock examinations.

  • Learn how to perform well during oral and listening comprehension examinations through guidance lessons.

  • Weekly vocabulary test on characters learnt previously to deepen the students’ impression.
  • Professional teachers who understand local schools' requirements and communicate well with children.

  • Advance preparation for the school examinations.

  • Class participation encouraged through quizzes, discussions, and interaction in small group learning.

  • Critical thinking with co-curricular activities based oncurrent issues, critiques, etc.

  • Frequent evaluation of students through weekly vocabulary tests, practices, monthly revision tests, and mock examinations.

  • End-of-term detailed teacher's report highlighting your child's strengths and areas that need improvement.
2008 PSLE Achievement