Our Enrichment Programme (Primary) provides a more rounded education for Primary 1 to 6 students to overcome challenges in learning Chinese at school and to achieve better grades. Our familiarity with the MOE syllabus and separate classes for Higher and Primary Chinese are the programme’s key strengths. The programme is constantly updated to follow the lastest MOE guidelines, including the new MOE curriculum.

Content & Objective

  • Complement the MOE school syllabus.

  • Emphasise on vocabulary building, word recognition and sentence construction.

  • Practise regularly on composition and comprehension, the main components of the syllabus.

  • Pick up examination skills through regular tests, revisions and mock examinations.

  • Learn how to perform well during oral and listening comprehension examinations through guidance lessons.

  • Spelling to deepen the students’ impression on characters and vocabulary learnt previously.
  • Professional teachers who understand local school's requirements and communicate well with children.

  • Advance teaching of the required chapters of the school syllabus so that students will havean in-depth understanding when they re-visit school materials.

  • Class participation encouraged through quizzes, discussions, and interaction in small group learning.

  • Separate classes for Higher and Primary Chinese with different syllabus.

  • Frequent evaluation of students through spelling, practices, monthly revision tests, and mock examinations.

  • Extra lessons for examination preparation.

  • End-of-term detailed teacher's report highlighting your child's strengths and areas that need improvement.